Germ theory of disease
Germ theory of disease
Lecture on germ theory, video, history of germ theory

Germ theory at the Science Museum

Germ theory denialism (pseudoscience), more, more
Microorganisms can cause disease
Note that germ theory, like the more complex theory of evolution, can't be proved directly. It makes useful predictions. Note also some diseases, for example metabolic diseases, aren't caused by microorganisms. This doesn't disprove germ theory. Note also that some diseases result from interaction of microorganisms with environmental conditions. Again this doesn't disprove germ theory.
Germ theory led to the discovery of fungi, bacteria and ultimately viruses.

Pasteur's evidence against spontaneous generation was a key experiment supporting germ theory (don't confuse spontaneous generation with abiogenesis)

People who deny germ theory

Louis Pasteur and the origin of germ theory

Germ theory as a medical milestone

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Koch's postulates are a set of rules for isolating microorganisms and proving that they cause disease. They remain useful for identifying and characterizing new disease agents.