George McCready Price biography
George McCready Price (1870-1963)
A- Born Havelock, New Brunswick, 1870
1- Father died in 1882, mother joined Seventh Day Adventist church

2- Marrried SDA teacher 12 years older in 1887
B- Two years @ Battle Creek college (1891-93)- Now Andrews Univ - primarily missionary

C- One year at normal school (some science) in NB (1896)

D- Taught High School in Tracadie, NB, a French speaking, fishing village (1897-99)

E- Met Alfred Corbett Smith socially
1- Harvard educated MD, therefore spoke English

2- Ran local Leprosarium

3- Amused by Price's fundamentalism; gave him evolution literature which Price found troubling
F- SDA doctrine requires 7 literal days; Ellen White visualized (and taught) literal genesis

G- Price concluded that old Earth was a geological misinterpretation

H- Began - Outlines of Modern Christianity and Modern Science (self-published in 1902)

I- Evangelist on Prince Edward Island - unsuitable voice, temperament
1- Went to NY to become a writer (failed)

2- Sent to help build SDA hdqrtrs, Takoma Park, MD (labor)

3- Helped build SDA school in Loma Linda, CA (1905), self-published Illogical Geology (1906)
J- Adventists assigned him college and secondary teaching duties because of his education, writing

K- Got 1921 off to write The New Geology; taught at Union College, Lincoln, NE (1921-24)

L- In 1924 sent to Stanborough Missionary College (Watford, 40Mi N of London, photo)

M- Attended every Victoria Institute meeting while at Watford
1- Victoria Institute: Christian professionals interested in science (goals)

2- Similar to American Scientific Affiliation

3- Met twice a month in Westminster (London)
N- Victoria Institute members were largely old Earth creationists who found Price eccentric

O- Published The Geological Ages Hoax in 1931

P- Published The Modern Flood Theory of Geology in 1935

Q- Price is now recognized as the father of flood geology
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Adventism and the origin of young Earth creationism

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