Atheist, freethinker resources
Atheist, freethinker resources
United Coalition of Reason, Omaha, Insight blog

Nation of Change, James Croft, Richard Dawkins, eskeptic, CJ Werleman @ Salon, JT Eberhard

Friendly Atheist - Hemant Mehta, Reddit atheism, Thinking Atheist

Pandagon, Skeptic Ink, Sensuous Curmudgeon

Best science blogs, Point of Inquiry

Mr Deity, AlterNet, John Loftus, Reddit skeptic, Canadian atheist

Atheist in Illinois, Atheist ten commandments

Skeptical blogs, Freethought AZ, Greg Laden, Cara Santa Maria

Richard Carrier, Bayes' Theorem for beginners, Bayesian calculator

Skeptic blogs, Askscience, Robert Ingersoll museum, Oasis

Ingersoll @ wikipedia, Freethought blogs, Nonbeliever typologies

Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers, Faisal al-Mutar

CFAR, Astersheen, Moncure Conway

REASON Google +, listserve

Secular Outpost, Canadian atheist, Less wrong

Sam Singleton - Atheist evangelist

Sunday Assembly, Clergy project, Houston Oasis

Sunday Assembly in the Guardian

Secular Student Alliance - at UNO, Singularity Institute, EvolveFISH

Spencer Greenberg, Eliezer Yudkowsky

Creation Ministries of the Ozarks

Creation Museum of the Ozarks at facebook