Dental fluoridation in Nebraska
Dental Fluoridation in Nebraska An important children's health issue

Artificial fluoridation began in Grand Rapids (MI) in 1945. As of 1992 134 million Americans drank artificially fluoridated water and another 10.5 million drank naturally fluoridated water. 42 of the country's 50 largest cities fluoridate their water. At least in the early days, fluoridation dramatically reduced dental caries. Recent epidemiology suggests that fluoridation effects are less dramatic, probably because of improved diet and generally improved oral health. Benefits today are disproportionately to economically disadvantaged children. Fluoridation has been around long enough so that serious epidemiological problems should have long since surfaced.

Popular literature is rife with antifluoridation tracts. Google searches including "fluoridation" bring up primarily antifluoridation sites. Nonetheless scientific literature and health professionals universally recommend fluoridation.

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In 2003 York voted against fluoridation. It seems that fluoridation still incites fear. Only organized, concerted efforts by professionals will overcome this fear. More recently Palo Alto CA voted down an antifluoridation bill. Election results reflect a highly educated community and a major campaign by health professionals.

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For a good current review see Oral Health in the United States: The Post-Fluoride generation, p. Milgroom and S. Reisine, Ann. Rev. Public Health, 21, 403-36 (2000).