Dental experts defend fluoride in water
Dental experts defend fluoride in water
The Canadian Press - Toronto Globe & Mail - August 7, 2008 - original
TORONTO — Canadian dental experts are defending the use of fluoride in drinking water despite claims by activists that the chemical can cause brain damage.

Toronto-based Citizens for a Safe Environment says its experts looked at studies from India, China and other countries that document the dangers fluoride poses to human health.

The group says Canada has failed to take a scientific look at fluoride's effects on the brain, and claims it leads to low IQs in children.

Health Canada recently recommended that municipalities lower the fluoride levels in water, but not because of any links to brain damage.

The federal agency suggested a slight lowering of maximum fluoride levels to counter a problem known as fluorosis, a mottling of children's teeth.

The Canadian Dental Association says there is no evidence to support the claims that fluoride in drinking water can lead to lower IQs in children.

The association says it is “very confident” in the safety of fluoride in drinking water, which it notes is supported by studies done in the United States and United Kingdom.