Faith based ignorance
Faith based ignorance
Encounters with creationism lead me to ponder faith based ignorance. Googling "faith based ignorance" yielded only 12 items (more now), but uncovered an illustrative gem (gone, but see below). Faith based ignorance assumes that the Bible comes directly from God and is absolutely true, whereas science involves human interpretation and is therefore unreliable. The converse, i.e. that God created the universe whereas the Bible requires human interpretation, is ignored.

Considering both perspectives, one might ask "who interprets better, ministers or scientists?" I often consider this question. My answer isn't always "scientists". When I ask scientific questions I consult scientific literature, but when I ask more general questions I seek the most knowledgeable sources. This discourages "science based ignorance". The Roman Catholic Church recognizes that scientists are worth consulting on scientific matters, but fundamentalists often get science from astonishingly ignorant sources.

My degree is in microbiology. As a dentist, I took pre-med courses including biology 1 and 2, chemistry 1 and 2 , Organic Chem 1 and 2, Physics 1 and 2, and all the courses in developmental biology including cell biology, developmental biology, and microbiology and many others. In dental school, I again took biology, virology, histology,neuroscience,anatomy,physiology,and biochemistry.

I've analyzed the evolutionists point of view in extreme detail over 8 years of higher education.

There is no evidence whatsoever for evolution. Evolutionists won't even debate scientists that do not agree with evolution. Why are they so afraid?