Hominid evolution, phylogeny
Hominid phylogeny and evolution
Definitions of evolution

Tracing the origin of evolution as an idea

Myoglobin sequence comparisons - Derivation of maize from teosinte

The notorious Halstead letter (1980) to the editor of Nature equating cladistics with dialectal materialism.

Common sense, a barrier to understanding evolution - Whale evolution

Evolution for beginners, Pharyngula's book list (annotated)

GLUD2 - brain specific glutamate dehydrogenase, Evidence from dog breeding

Molecular phylogeny of Darwin's Finches - Complete Darwin online

Evolution of the human brain, The concept of race, Molecular anthropology

The peppered moth updated, Equid phylogeny

Karl Popper on evolution - Fluctuation test

The role of chance in natural processes, Nice population genetics presentation - long pdf.

Great ape chromosomes aligned - Phylogram

Comparing human and chimpanzee genomes (NYT), Human-chimp divergence

The Human Tre2 gene - recently evolved, hominid specific, chimeric gene (pdf)

Human-chimp DNA sequence divergence - analysis of noncoding DNA (pdf), largest contiguous human - chimp sequence comparison (pdf), still more extensive sequence comparison (pdf)

The FOXP2 gene - important in language development

Ccr5 - a relationship between plague resistance and AIDS resistance?

Chimpanzees - evolutionary relationship to humans, Orangutans

Neanderthal DNA - Neanderthals are distinct from modern humans

Hominid phylogeny from Alu insertions

Cro-Magnon mitochondrial DNA resembles that of modern humans

Primate Information Network

Great apes at risk from ebola

Example of gain of function mutation

Sympatric speciation - Rhagoletis

The Cambrian explosion

Introduction to evolutionary biology (talk.origins)

History of biology - directory of internet sites

Motoo Kimura - biography, Review of Neutral Theory

History of molecular evolution

York groundsel - evolution of a new species

Yeast speciation - reverse engineering of speciation

Phylogenetic shadowing - comparing human, chimp genomes

Phylogeny of Galapagos tortoises - mainland relative (several DNA samples came from Henry Doorly Zoo)

Acanthostega - early tetrapod, note the digits!

Theropod coprolite

Review of Gould's The Structure of Evolutionary Theory

Darwinism page - a comprehensive resource

Is Evolution a Secular Religion? - Michael Ruse

Practical uses of molecular phylogeny

Eugenie Scott

Origin of religions - a Darwinian view

Richard Gallagher on science

William Hamilton

James Watson

Car fish

Links - mostly evolutionary psychology

Discovery Institute - financing

Survival of the slickest - mutation of anti-evolutionism

Robert Gentry

Christian view of intolerance

Conspiracy theories

Scientific doctrines