Problems with the American Economy
Problems with the American Economy Is job growth compatible with the following?

Stagnant wages, Home ownership, mortgage deduction

Hidden unemployment, Baumol's disease

High and rapidly rising health care costs

High national debt, The great migration

Mineral shortages within the next few decades

FDIC failed bank list, Foreclosure crisis

Home equity loans - a measure of personal credit (consumer buying power)

Credit card debt statistics

Student loan debt, Home loan debt

New home sales bottomed out, Home value loss

Medical debt and bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy trends

Is the middle class shrinking?, State, local gov't layoffs

New! - Decline and fall of the American Empire - Guardian

New! - Bread and Circuses - plight of the American worker

Federal reserve appointments - how important are analytical skills?

Boosting the Texas economy - capping yacht taxes

Hank Vanden Berg's list