Display adapter, display icon
Show display adapter icon on taskbar - Windows 98
While reinstalling and optimizing windows 98 my display icon disappeared from the taskbar. This is the icon for setting screen resolution and color properties. I restored it by right clicking on the desktop, choosing properties, settings (see below), advanced and then checking show settings icon on taskbar. This turns on "rundll" in the background and the display icon appears. The icon disappears when "rundll" is off. Settings are most easily changed by right clicking the taskbar icon and selecting from the displayed list.

Display adapter properties

When I reinstall Windows 98, it consistently installs a suboptimal display driver. I must go to control panel, system, device drivers, display adapter and then tell it to look in c:\windows\options\cabs to find the good driver (stbv128.drv). If you have trouble finding your driver, search c:\windows for *.drv and look for large files.

If you don't know which adapters your computer has, try a PC auditing tool like Belarc Advisor.