Joseph McCabe - George McCready Price debate
The Joseph McCabe - George McCready Price debate (1925)


The debate occurred within two months of the Scopes trial. It was arranged by the Rationalist Press Association taking advantage of interest spawned by London press coverage of the Scopes trial. The proponents were Joseph McCabe, a well known British rationalist as well as an experienced debater, and George McCready Price, a Seventh Day Adventist educator and the original scientific creationist, who had recently come from Union College, Lincoln, NE to an Adventist school in Watford. The debate was held before 3000 spectators in Queens Hall (W1) with Earl Russell, Bertrand's older brother moderating. It was perhaps the British equivalent of the Scopes trial.

The venue - Queens Hall, London

The booklet - Edited verbatim transcript

The bookplate - From Clarence Darrow's library

The back cover - (books by the protagonists)

The status of evolution in the mid '20s

Joseph McCabe - Famous late 19th, early 20th century rationalist

George McCready Price - Originator of flood geology and one time Nebraska resident

The debate itself

Comparing Price and McCabe

Price's influence in America