The Infidelity of “Old Earth” Creationism
The Infidelity of “Old Earth” Creationism
Herman Cummings - foremost terrestrial authority on the book of Genesis
The letter was sent to various “Old Earth” (Day/Age, theistic evolutionists, gaps, etc) groups on March 4th, 2011. They were told that the letter would be made public in seven days unless they attempted to resolve the biblical issues brought forth to them.

Only one group responded (along with the NCSE). For many years, both old and young Earth creationist groups have been either running away from reality, or denying the literal truth of God’s Word. Infidelity, within this article, is defined as being unfaithful, disloyal, and being a traitor to the literal meaning of the Genesis text. God’s Word is not allegorical, and contains no metaphors or myths.

I ask that everyone stop sending your support to these faithless “pretenders” that refuse to both learn and teach the truth of Genesis. When I confront them with correct interpretation scripture, which exposes their false teachings, they run to “faith in Christ”, saying that it more important to convey salvation, or that Jesus will explain all when “we” get to Heaven. In what way will that help the Atheist or evolutionist? They need the truth given to them now. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

The worlds of Creationism and Theology have always had the wrong view of Genesis, and refuse to come to the realization that they are not helping mankind. They in fact are a hindrance to the truth. Hundreds of people die every week, without ever knowing the truth of Genesis, and the Clergy (along with academia) tries to keep the truth from being presented the people. Someone told me that the Clergy is jealous someone that will tell the truth…, because the Clergy doesn’t have it.

It is appalling that “old Earth” creationist groups will compromise with the (false) conclusions of the world of science, defaming the Scriptures.Yes, the Earth and universe are billions of years old, but there was no Big Bang, nor did life on Earth develop via evolution. The correct reading of Genesis explains both the fossil and geologic records from the ancient past.

In case you didn’t know, the correct opposing view to the evolution theory is the “Observations of Moses”, not the falsehoods of (young and old) Creationism. For seventeen years, these hypocrites and infidels have resisted even learning what the truth is, let alone admitting to their ignorance of scripture. The one group that responded could only get part of question four correct, saying that an event occurred before, rather than after, the making of Adam & Eve.

The NCSE responded, saying that they disagreed with “my interpretation” of Genesis. I told them that that was unlikely, because they didn’t know what “my interpretation” was. I asked them to tell me what it was. I guess that they are still trying to uncover what it is, because they never wrote back.