The Hypocrisy of “Young Earth” Creationism
The Hypocrisy of “Young Earth” Creationism
Herman Cummings - foremost terrestrial authority on the book of Genesis
The below letter was sent to various “Young Earth” (Creation Science) groups on March 3rd, 2011. They were told that the letter would be made public in seven days unless they attempted to resolve the biblical issues brought forth to them.

They didn’t respond. For years, such creationist groups have been running away from reality, teaching their failed and foolish doctrines, misrepresenting the Word of God. I urge everyone to stop giving donations to these “creationist clowns”, that refuse to both learn and teach the truth of Genesis. Every time I confront them with correct “literal interpretation” of scripture, they either redefine the scripture’s meaning, or run away.

The worlds of Creationism and Theology have always had the wrong view of Genesis, and refuse to come to the realization that they are not helping mankind. They in fact are a hindrance to the truth. Hundreds of people die every week, without ever knowing the truth of Genesis, and the Clergy (along with academia) tries to keep the truth from being presented the people.

It is despicable that “young Earth” creationist groups deceive their followers, that think that the groups are supporting Genesis, when in reality, they are teaching foolishness and actually run from the truth of scripture. Just as the evolutionist “worships” the theory of evolution, Creation science worships the doctrine of young Earth, rather than embracing the truth of Genesis. The correct reading of Genesis (first two chapters) does not support any young Earth doctrine.

In case you didn’t know, the correct opposing view to the evolution theory is the “Observations of Moses”, not the falsehoods of (young Earth) Creationism. For seventeen years, these hypocrites have resisted even learning what the truth is, let alone admitting to their ignorance of scripture. The letter follows this paragraph.


This letter is written to the following “Young Earth” (Creation Science, Flood Geology) creationism groups: Young Earth Organization, Answers in Genesis, Institute of Creation Research, Creation Research Society, Creation Ministries International, Creation Studies Institute, and the Kolbe Mission Center. These groups will be referred to as “YEC”.

Being “copied in” is the National Center for Science Education (NCSE),whom I hope to publicly confront with the truth of our origins. I amserving the NCSE notice that I hope/plan to face off against them in apublic examination of the geologic and fossil record data. They wantto maintain the monopoly of the evolution theory being taught in public schools, which actually supports the tenets of Atheism. That is unconstitutional, and has poisoned the minds of mankind.

But first things first. All of the above “young Earth” creationist groups are being given the opportunity to band together with me in this venture,by accepting and propagating the truth of Genesis, rather than the failed and foolish doctrines they now adhere to. Genesis is not a joke book, as these organizations present it to be. Genesis is a bookof history, and advanced math & science, being literally true.

In seven days, starting from March 2nd 2011, this letter will be made public. The YEC groups have until then to resolve the issues that are later presented in this epistle. I am presently under the impression that most all “young Earth” advocates are hypocrites, and will refuse to accept the truth of scripture.

They would rather prolong the creation/evolution controversy, than to repent, admit that they were in error, and preach the (new found) truth of Genesis. Instead, they will redefine the scriptures, and deny both biblical truth, and scientific reality. Both the YEC and“old Earth” movements are a hindrance and stumbling block to the secularworld, preventing acceptance of the Bible, as being the Divine Word of God. How can an untruth (creationism), ever prove another lie (evolution), to be in error?

A similar letter following this one (the Infidelity of “Old Earth”), is being written to various “old Earth” creationist organizations, that teach such false doctrines as Theistic Evolution, various “Gap” theories, Progressive, and Day/Age.

The four “theses” that I bring for resolution are the following:
1 Where did the body of water come from on “the first day”?
a) How did it come into existence?
b) Did that chaotic existence come into being before, during, or after “Creation Week”?
c) Did God do or say something before He said “Let there be light” on the day in question?
2. Did God create the birds on the fifth day, before mankind, as in chapter one of Genesis, or was it after Adam as in chapter two?
a) No matter how much “focus” is put on history, thes equence of events never change, unless there is an error. God’s Word is without error. So why is there a difference?

b) Genesis 2:18 “And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” The next verse says that God made birds (fowls of the air) out of the ground. How is this possible? Do not insult me with any “had formed”foolishness, referring to what God created the previous day.
3. Were the land animals made first, before mankind, as in Genesis chapter one, or was mankind made first, as in chapter two?
a) Just as in 2a. why is there a difference in the narrative?
4.The Moon was created on the Fourth Day of Creation Week. Approximately how old is the Moon? The Moon rocks were analyzed to be 4.6 billion years old.
a) The Moon has impact craters. Larger craters on the near side, and smaller (and more numerous) on the far side. Just as is throughout our solar system, there is undeniable evidence of bombardment which occurred sometime in the past. How far back in the past?

b) Did it occur before Adam & Eve, or after Adam & Eve were made?
Either band together, and accept the truth of Genesis, or be exposed as hypocrites, which deny both the complete literal truth of God’s Word,and the discovered reality of our natural world. Be advised that those thatcontinue to be in denial, after exposure to the truth, are generally considered insane.