Why is creationism so popular?
Why is creationism so popular?
The creation story is a simple, coherent explanation for human existence. It's embedded in western culture and is the first such story that children learn. Humans accept narrative explanations particularly if consistent with common sense and if shared with peers. Narrative explanations tend to be animistic rather than physical and chemical. Long held stories embedded in social networks are difficult to change especially in the absence of tools by which professionals analyze explanations. "Morton's Demon", the tendency of people to listen to what they agree with and ignore what they don't, is a further barrier to overcoming childhhood beliefs.

Evolution is complex - not a simple story. Aspects of it, such as survival of the fittest and the relationship of humans to other animals can be disconcerting. Furthermore evolution contradicts culturally shared narrative explanations of human origins. Some social networks attempt to discredit evolution by associating it with moral evils. Evolution is taught late in intellectual development well after narrative explanations are ingrained.

Grasping the significance of evolution requires scientific literacy and understanding the scientific method. The scientific method goes against common sense which uses primarily rationalizing. The scientific method is in fact more often misunderstood than understood. Evolution involves probability which is poorly understood and often confused with total randomness. Understanding the scientific method and probability require formal reasoning skills which develop late or not at all.

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