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Check out the re-Discovery Hall of Fame - Evolution is impossible

God creates morons, ICR exposed - The weirdest book I ever got

The SAT - Straight from the White House, Creationist research projects

John Q. Creationist - Evolution creationist style, How to spot a loony, Creationist quotes

Creationist characters - (and creationist nonsense) Australian site - downstream from No Answers in Genesis

What's new - at No Answers in Genesis, Comments from Bibble believers, etc. - makes you appreciate your education.


Evidence that humans and dinosaurs coexisted - New! Dinosaurs and giant humans

Great moments in strange creationism, Creationist dinosaurs

Actual remains of Biblical Giants (15ft high)! Were they bowlegged? , Malachite Man - creationist Piltdown?.

The uneducated

The Carl Baugh page - Baugh's PhD dissertation - impressive credentials?
The Kent Hovind page, Is he a genius?, see also Hovind bankruptcy - Rap sheet - Escambia County, IRS troubles
Richard Paley - Objective ministries - Internationally renowned computer expert
Ed Conrad - amateur anthropologist.
Joseph Farah - journalist
Phyllis Schlafly exposes her scientific incompetence

The educated
Duane Gish
D. Russell Humphreys
- Creation physicist. (Very) Weak evidence for radiochemical anomalies
Danny Faulkner - Creation astronomer
Don Patton - geologist
William J. Gibbons - the new Einstein of cryptozoology
Andrew Snelling - geologist

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Biblical chronology
EW Faulstich sold his business to become a Christian biblical chronologist!
He's discovered that the world was created not in 4004 BC but in 4000 BC!!
Christian geology
Latest geocentrism text - with irrefutable proof!
Where Answers in Genesis comes down on geocentrism
Ted Holden's catastrophism site - he's big on Velikovsky
Learn Flat Earthism at Density Church.
New! The square Earth, Grand Canyon - Video with Tom Vail
Second law- creationist qualifications

Muslim antievolution, Creationism on

Amazing Bible discoveries; Rationalizing Π = 3.0! - it's easy!

Are scientists abandoning evolution? - a history of the notion.

Stardestroyer see Hate Mail - ignorant creationist nincompoops patiently instructed

Creationist FAQs, Gene for the soul

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Omniology - is the jackalope a key to creation science?

Is creation science heresy?

Biography? of Charles Darwin

Jack Chick's famous Big Daddy, In the beginning antievolution comics - Jack Chick parody site

Creation tips - Creationism as World Weekly News might present it.

Molecular biology of human evolution for morons - politically correct in this case

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Recent listing of creationist colleges - rated by orthodoxy - Science at Bojo

Need a higher degree in Creation Science? Denial of accreditation is the highest recommendation.

Search for Noah's ark - Could it be that he had several arks? This would solve lots of problems.

The latest Noah's Ark Expedition

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