Counterintuitive notions in science

Counterintuitive notions in science

Light objects fall as fast as heavy objects

Solid objects are mostly empty space

Energy and mass are interconvertable

The Earth moves


Light (photons) is both particles and waves


All substances consist of a limited number of elements

Light travels at 186,000 miles per second

Distances to the nearest stars can be measured by parallax

The force that causes objects to drop on Earth is the same force that maintains planetary orbits

Earth's trojan asteroid

There is an absolute zero temperature

Patterns can arise in homogeneous chemical solutions

A linear DNA sequence encodes the information required to make a human

Despite the plausability of creationism and intelligent design, they are never useful in biology or biochemistry

Information can be stored only in the solid phase (problem for ghosts & global consciousness)

All forces in everyday life are gravity or electromagnetism

Great Red Spot of Jupiter and rings of Saturn

Blood Falls

Distinction between heat and temperature

Heats of fusion and vaporization

Radioisotopes and half lives