Recover images
Recognizing and handling corrupt images

I bought a new flash card (64Mb) for my Olympus D-340R. When I inserted it, I was dismayed to find an exclamation mark on the camera display. Formatting solved the problem.

I took two pictures. Both appeared normal on the camera screen. I put the card in my USB reader. To my surprise Paint Shop Pro told me the images weren't proper jpegs. When I tried to move the images, the computer told me the files were corrupt! The program "Paint" opened the files, but displayed only about 10% of the image.

Google confirms that corrupt images are common with flash media, but was vague on how to recognize and handle them. The freebie image recovery program "Zero Assumption" solved the problem. Images from my old, smaller Olympus card were no problem. It appears that my card is larger than the 16Mb that the D-340R is designed to handle.