Computer tips
Computer tips
Hint - solve problems with Google, not a help menu. Help menus work only if you think like Bill Gates.

Computer mags, Technical glossary, Best freeware

PC World, PC mag, Who is directory, Extreme Tech

CNET Downloads, ZDNET news, Slashdot

Search engine watch, Windows Secrets
OmahaTechConnect - computer club, My Windows tips, Using DOS

Google chrome, chromebook, New tab redirect, APCUG

Unzipping e-mail attachments, wk3 to xls, Windows installer problems

Free Windows installation media, New - comparing processors

Finding eBay account information

Deleting dotnetfx temporary files, Command line commands

Removing the
Google redirect rootkit, MS Word

Format flash drive NTFS,, Check internet connection speed

Installing a second monitor, What does prefetch do?, Manipulating prefetch, more

To remove formatting, Remove, Fix slow spybot

Installing a 2nd hard drive, Delete Dropper.Inor

List of URL redirectors, Computer history, Net history

File conversion wps to doc, Delete wuauclt.exe, Audio troubleshooting

NYT on phishing - e-mail fraud, Homesite support forums, Delete VBouncer, Delete downloader.agent.11.Q

Smitfraud, FTP connection problem, Printer won't delete, Extreme tech tips

WebCoder 5 hints, Make your own home page - it's easy

HTML history, Web history, Computer maintenance, Update spybot, Ultimate boot cd

Computer stupidities, The 404 research lab

Win XP - guide to services (what they do and which ones you need) - another site

Win XP - expert zone (tips, etc), Brief guide to using Internet Explorer

Basics of Windows XP, 125 Win 98 tips

Remove underlining from hyperlinks, Turning Numlock off, Windows troubleshooting

Overcoming internet options restrictions, Dealing with corrupt images

Changing screen resolution, installing display adapter icon to taskbar

Managing Windows startup - Deleting starter.exe from startup files.

Web site management - not much on this page yet, any suggestions?

Recovering files from flash media cards

Need to identify hardware and software installed in your computer? Try Belarc Advisor (freebie)

Double layer DVDs, Blu-ray info, DVDs demystified, ECMA