bojo a go go, recreational Christianity
Christian extremes - links
New! Bojo a go go - a treasure recovered! - BJU lingo

BJU at wikipedia, Doctrine of Discovery

Landover Baptist - a great church if you like to follow rules

Objective Ministries - parody, apparently under pressure from censors

Biblical ways to acquire a wife, Christian reconstruction

Density Church - if Objective Ministries isn't right for you try this one.

My home church!, The Jesus museum

Ship of fools - e-zine, Dress up Jesus

God hates fags (en espanol) - for your indoctrination

Not sure why you're going to hell? - click here and find out

Evils of freedom - this one's a bit scary

Recreational Christianity - feeding the lions, high tech style

* It's biblical! (Mt 7:15-20)

* "Making fun of born-again Christians is like hunting dairy cows with a high powered rifle and scope."

* Why be a "creationist" when you can be a "recreationist"?

Stoopid - more recreational Christianity

Oddities - still more recreational Christianity - still more along with ideas for activities

Do you know what gasoline the beast uses?

Christian mathematical proof that Al Gore is Satan

Have an incurable disease? No problem - but wait!

List of churches that handle snakes

Pensacola Christian College

The Painful Truth - everything you want to know about Herbert W. Armstrong

Bible Madness, the movie @ youtube

Christians for the cloning of Jesus

Guide to haphazard religions

Jack Chick
- Christian comic book artist and publisher

Jesus of the week

Advice on dealing with the religious right