Famous chemists
Famous chemists
Biographies of famous chemists, more

Badger chemist genealogy (J Chem Ed, 56, 93 (1979))

Biographies in the Journal of Chemical Education

JD Bernal - Known to the world's brightest people as "sage", crystallographer and socialist

Robert Boyle - Early modern scientist

Antoine Lavoisier

Henry Eyring (more) - reaction rate theory

Melvin Calvin - Photosynthesis

Wilhelm Ostwald - heterogeneous catalysis, founder of physical chemistry

Svante Arrhenius - ionization, greenhouse effect

Walther Nernst, more - electrochemisty, thermochemistry

Britton Chance - Enzyme kinetics

James Bryant Conant (more) - Organic chemist, Harvard president and educational reformer.

Michael Faraday - the relationship between chemistry and electricity

Paul Flory - Polymer chemistry

Louis Hammett - founder of physical organic chemistry

TW Richards - America's first Nobel prize winning chemist

Gilbert Newton Lewis - at wikipedia

Herman Mark - Polymer chemistry

George Olah - Nobel prizewinning chemist who popularized superacids including magic acid, which dissolves candles forming a solution which gives a single NMR peak.

Roger Adams - influential American organic chemist

Linus Pauling - Polymath

Glenn Seaborg - Heavy isotopes

The Svedberg - The ultracentrifuge

Harold Urey - Deuterium, origin of life

The Guardian reports John Dalton's death