Chemistry page
Chemistry page
History of chemistry - (link) - Donald Othmer biography (Othmer Library) has Lincoln, Omaha connections

Silly molecules, Rediscovery of the elements, The elements

Discovery of the elements - timeline

A guide to metals and the periodic table

Video periodic table, The periodic table, Learn through videos

Henry's law, Buckminsterfullerene at wikipedia

Chemical principles - animations, Macromolecular movements

Molecular orbitals @ wikipedia - theory, @ the Khan Academy

Electronic structure of atoms and molecules - video

Molecular graphics, Online free organic text

Virtual Chemistry - from Oxford, Chem labs

Lavoisier, Entropy, Virtual textbook - Chemistry blogs

Interviews with National Academy members

Online unit conversions - Analytical sciences

Biochemistry online, The serum proteome

Everyday chemistry, Electrochemistry, TAML oxidation

Wavelet tutorial, spectroscopy - Combinatorial chemistry

Historical papers - ACS chemical landmarks

Proteins - disorder prediction - also

RNA folding - The Hammond postulate

Mass spectrometry, Syngenta periodic table

Linus Pauling Exhibit - Linus Pauling and DNA

Department of Chemistry - Wisconsin

Small molecular entities, Peptidases

Institute for Chemical Education - Wisconsin

Molecular logic, Chemical genealogy

Green chemistry