Distorting science
Distorting science - supporting preconceptions with apologetics
Sc: Imagine that a central tenet of your religion is belief that the moon is made of cheese (cheese moon theory). It's written in your sacred literature.

Cr: Wait a minute! I don't see the slightest analogy to creationism!

Sc: Of course you don't. That's why we have to hit you over the head with a baseball bat to get your attention. Keep in mind that your selective creativity would immediately see a perfect analogy to evolutionary thinking.

Back to the main subject - Science has fairly well established that the moon is not made of cheese. There's general public agreement that the moon is not made of cheese. The analogy to creationism? - it's obvious; there's general agreement on the falsity of creationism. The major difference is in nonscientific outgroups. Evolution is sufficiently abstract, and fundamentalist religion sufficiently popular, to attract a large group of nonbelievers in evolution.

Cheese moon believers will tell you that the reflectance spectrum of the moon is very much like that of cheese. In fact their scientists have created a cheese with virtually the same reflectance spectrum as the moon!

Cr: But a cheese moon doesn't make sense in the larger scheme of things!

Sc: If you bothered to read the sacred literature you'd know that rocks are earthly and cheese is heavenly!

Cr: That's total nonsense!

Sc: You're catching on! All that's left is to see the analogy.

Cr: But astronauts went to the moon and brought back rocks!

Sc: Were you actually on the moon to see the astronauts? Even if they went to the moon you can be sure they went to a part that reinforces their preconceptions.

Cr: My minister will denounce you!

Sc: Since he lacks papal authority it won't do much good.