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Growing up I found Catholicism heavy on doctrine and light on insight. The concept that truth came through authority was clearly a fraud. As an adult I appreciate Joseph McCabe who spent 12 years of the 19th century in a Franciscan monastery. His insight is that the Catholic church contains both outstanding people and scoundrels in the same proportion as the general population. Unfortunately I met none of the former in early associations with the Church (I've met some since). I'm pleased to see that the Church has come to terms (partially) with the Enlightenment, but shocked to see that many (fundamentalists) still prefer Medievalism.

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The trivialities that people fixate upon never ceases to amaze. It's astounding how easily some pursue trivialities to the point of forgetting the importance of being human. Religion suffers from fixation on rationalizing. Virtually any doctrine can be rationalized (by someone) as being essential to human survival. Of course this problem is hardly unique to Catholicism.