Nancy Bryson did her undergraduate work in Biology at Mississippi University for Women and earned her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of South Carolina. Her entire career has been devoted to teaching chemistry at the college level. She has received several teaching awards, one of which amounts to faculty-member-of-the-year award at a 3000 + -sized university. Since the early 1990ís, she has had a very strong interest in the theory of evolution. As a chemist, she feels strongly that none ofthe origin-of-life scenarios (molecules-to-biomolecules-to-first cell) hold up to scrutiny.

In February 2003 she made a presentation on the MUW campus entitled Critical Thinking on Evolution. The talk presented evidence marshaled by scientists, philosophers of science, mathematicians, law professors, and geologists that evolution is by no means a fact. The talk was well received by the students; roughly 15-20 people (mostly students) warmly thanked her after the presentation. However, immediately following the talk she was verbally attacked by one professor of biology who read a prepared statement (apparently written out before he heard the talk). The following morning, several (or so she was told) professors of math and science complained to the Vice President of Academic Affairs about the talk. The next day, the VPAA informedher that she would not be retained as Division Head of the Dept of Science and Mathematics the next year, and suggested that she might be dismissed altogether (from her tenure-track appointment).
1977-1982 University of South Carolina Ph.D. in Chemistry

1976 Mississippi State University M.A.T.

1970-1973 Mississippi University for Women B.S. in Biology
Academic Appointments
Dr. Bryson has held appointments as Assistant Professor or as Associate Professor at several universities and chaired the Department of Natural Sciences at one and served as the Head of the Division of Science and Mathematics at another.
1999 Bear Hug Award, Shawnee State University (equivalent to faculty / staff member-of-the-year award)

1987 Faculty Teaching Award, Wesleyan College 1982 Graduate Teaching Award, University of South Carolina

1979 Graduate Teaching Award, University of South Carolina
Dr. Bryson has authored five papers in peer-reviewed journals, the Physical Sciences sections for four elementary textbooks, and contributed to one chapter of General Chemistry.