William Jennings Bryan - timeline
William Jennings Bryan - timeline
1860: Born - Salem, Illinois.

1883: Law degree - Union College, Chicago.

1884: Married Mary Baird Bryan.

1885-91: Children - Ruthy, W.J. Bryan, Jr. and Grace were born.

1887: Moved from Illinois to Lincoln, Nebraska.

1891: Elected U.S. Congressman from Nebraska.

1893: Re-elected.

1894-96: Editor of the Omaha World Herald

1896: "Cross of Gold" speech, Ran for President of the United States, but was defeated by William McKinley.

1898: U.S. Army Colonel in Spanish-American War.

1900: Ran for president - defeated again by McKinley.

1908: Ran for president for the third time - defeated by William Howard Taft.

1913-15: Secretary of State under Woodrow Wilson.

1916-25: Active as an orator, author, lecturer, politician, publisher, and philosopher.

1921: Moves to Florida (wife's health), publishes, "The Menace of Darwinism" - chapter in In His Image.

1925: Lead prosecuting attorney for the State of Tennessee in the "Scopes Monkey Trial."

1925: Died of a heart attack on July 26, in Dayton, Tennessee, only days after conclusion of the trial.