The bible as science literature
Bible as science
The Bible as science text
There's agreement, even among fundamentalist Christians that the Bible isn't a science textbook. The Bible ignores science basics such as cells, chromosomes and inheritance in biology, elements, compounds and atomic structure in chemistry and force, energy and electricity in physics. (The full list is far longer.) One who learns science only from the Bible is, therefore, seriously deficient in basics.

There is however, a prevalent view that the Bible is consistent with science. While this may be legitimate, it can be misleading. Science textbooks strive to be analytical, unambiguous, and coherent. The Bible on the other hand is narrative and poetic, but often cryptic and disjointed. The process of understanding a science text differs from that of understanding the Bible.

The most disturbing tendency of fundamentalist Christians is to "scientifically" rationalize biblical passages. Rationalizing is inherently antiscientific. Science involves making and testing hypotheses which requires skepticism. To rationalize one must suppress skepticism. Scientists assume that rationalizing combined with poor scientific training leads to ignorance.

"Genesis is a book of advanced math and science"

Evolution and Mr. Bryan - The American Institute of Sacred Literature, Popular Religion Leaflet