Bethell's ad hominem crusade
Bethell's ad hominem crusade
Date: Sun Jan 24 1993 23:19:14
From: Wesley R. Elsberry
To: All
Subj: Bethell's ad hominem crusade

I recently found this tidbit in a literature search:

Bethell, Tom. 1991. Good as Gould. American Spectator, Vol. 24(8), pp. 9-11.


It is asserted that biologist Stephen Jay Gould's complacent support of evolution and the Darwinian mechanism of natural selection shows that he is an arrogant parrot of the dominant liberal culture. It is asserted that Gould and Darwin are wrong and that no scientific basis for evolution exists. It is asserted that the "facts" of human evolution support racism. It is asserted that the defects of Darwinism support the arguments of non-biologists and that Gould's knowledge of evolution is hubris, not science.

Bethell has a long publication history of assertions unsupported by evidence. This seems to be just the latest installment.