Creationist apologetics - general characteristics
Creationist apologetics - general characteristics
What is apologetics?
Apologists begin with a conclusion (life was created)

Apologists rationalize, they don't develop and test hypotheses

Apologists employ lists of objections to evolution

Apologists employ the argument from ignorance

Apologists prefer logic to analysis (avoid formal reasoning skills)

Apologists employ rhetoric and debate, but avoid testing hypotheses

Followers often have weak science backgrounds

Leaders tend to be scientists for whom doctrine trumps science.

Apologists avoid peer review - ludicrous arguments never fully disappear

Apologists are wary of discussion with mainline scientists

Scientist's beliefs trump expertise and reputation

Apologists appeal to the general public and consider the scientific community "biased"

Apologists are "selectively critical"

Apologists imagine scientists to be unaware of creationist apologetics

Apologists don't distinguish apologetics from science