Apologetics - science apologetics
Most of our so-called reasoning consists in finding arguments for going on believing as we already do.

James Harvey Robinson, The Mind in the Making
Apologetics - from the Greek Apologia meaning to defend.
Elementary reasoning

Secularists and mainline Christians rarely encounter apologetics. Apologetics however are the bread and butter of fundamentalist theology. The term retrieves more than 6,000,000 sites on Google. One is sure to encounter apologetics when discussing science with fundamentalists

Science begins with hypotheses; apologetics begins with conclusions. Science performs experiments which can disconfirm hypotheses; apologetics employs rhetoric (conclusions can never be disconfirmed). Science discovers how the world works; Christian apologetics assures that the world conforms to the Bible (or to church doctrine). Apologetics is not a productive approach to discovering how the world works; science is not a productive method for making the world conform to the Bible.

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If you're immune to "evidential apologetics" it's because your presuppositions are wrong. It's the job of presuppositional apologetics to correct your presuppositions.

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