Antiintellectualism links
Antiintellectualism links

At wikipedia, Dumb and getting dumber

Anti rationalism, anti elitism, unreflective instrumentalism

Susan Jacoby on Dumbing of America, more, video

Antiintellectualism scale, Antiscience

Dunning Kruger effect

Four stages of competence, The problem with critical thinking

Immunity to change, Psychological biases, Rationalizing

Prejudices - fundamentalism,od, American exceptionalism, the complex is unimportant, biblical literalism, socialism is bad, liberals are bad
capitalism is good, income tax is bad, government is bad, foreigners aren't so good, morals come from religion, higher education is subversive
education should be practical, what's natural is good, short range thinking, Morton's demon, climate denial

Amusing Ourselves to Death - Neil Postman