Finding air bed leaks and air mattress leaks

Finding air bed leaks and air mattress leaks
Personal experience (two air bed leaks, one air mattress leak):
Inflate upside down (punctures are likely on the bottom). Search visually for surface blemishes (slices, punctures). Shining a light obliquely across surfaces accentuates blemishes. Spray or brush blemishes with soapy water, look for bubbles. Mark leaks with a marking pen, deflate mattress and repair leak with kit.
Seams are well sealed and unlikely to leak (barring manufacturing defect).

Generalized soaking in soapy water works poorly because soapy water drains quickly from plastic surfaces.

Inflate mattresses on a blanket or foam strip to cover wood splinters, old staples hidden in rugs, etc..
"I've always patched my Aero beds with Marine glue from GOOP. It's avalaible at any home store, Walmart etc.. I don't use any patch just the glue."

"I swabbed the area about 3 inches in diameter with rubbing alcohol and used a blow drier to dry it completely. Then I applied crazy glue to the area about the diameter of a quarter. I let this dry and applied a second layer of crazy glue."

"Rubber cement"

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