Steve Abrams - antievolution ringmaster
Steve Abrams - antievolution ringmaster

steve abrams
"We view this hearing as an opportunity to educate the committee and the public."

"These hearings were not about my religious views; they were about what is good science."

"The Board has heard credible scientific testimony that indeed there are significant debates about the evidence for key aspects of chemical and biological evolutionary theory"

“If students … do not understand the weaknesses of evolutionary theory as well as the strengths, a grave injustice is being done to them,”

“At some point in time, if you compare evolution and the Bible, you have to decide which one you believe, that’s the bottom line.”

Steve Abrams
Arkansas City DVM - At wikipedia

Kansas, where science de-evolves

From the Kansas City Star - Abrams said he believes the Earth is less than 10,000 years old. And he believes the Genesis account of creation. That makes him a young-Earth creationist, he agrees.

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An expert on carbenes (Phil Skell) weighs in - It's evolution or the Bible

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