Hitman2, Sikhs
Sikh kids force changes in Hitman 2

BBC - Updated 11 November 2002, 16.20

A gaming company has agreed to remove scenes from the game Hitman 2: Silent Assassin after Sikhs complained it was racist and offensive.

One of the game's levels is set in a temple. Players are asked to shoot the men in turbans because they are terrorists.

Sikhs say the scene looks exactly like the inside of the Golden Temple in Amritsar in India.

In 1984, hundreds of Sikhs were massacred there, when Indian troops stormed the temple. The Indian government claimed it was being used to plan military activities.

Harpreet, 15, from Birmingham, has seen the game. He told CBBC's Newsround why he found the game offensive.

"This game refers to terrorists in a Gurdwara [place where Sikhs go to pray].

"This is disgraceful, because people may think that terrorists wear turbans but they don't," he said.

Many people also think that using a holy place for a game is disrespectful.

The makers, Eidos, have now agreed to change the next edition of the game, remove pictures of the scenes from their website and take steps to correct the game where they can.

They have also apologised to the Sikh community saying they didn't mean to cause offence.