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Umberto Eco on fascism


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Astronomy, Mt. St. Helens Webcam

Sophomoric reasoning
- How to become a crackpot

Hypocognition, Why is my home page a bit strange?, Subglacial lakes

The Flat Earth - brief introduction plus Carpenter's "100 Proofs the Earth is not a Globe"

The Christian Pseudoscience Monitor - creationism

Intelligent design - Anti-evolution in science literature

Pseudoscience, Rationalism, Biblical hermeneutics

REASON - Omaha rationalist group, REASON events calendar

Nebraska Citizens for Science online forum

Fluoridation - anti-fluoridation thrives in Nebraska; Useful - Make your own home page - freebies

Buying used books online - brief guide - see also, Book page

Wonders of Catholicism - the religion I inherited, The extremes of Christianity

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Olympus D-340R, Shopping, Chemistry, Biology, Pseudoscience, Science, Metacognition, Philosophy

Page of quotation links - along with my personal quotation collection

Britney Spears' Guide to Semiconductors, Pseudoscience

England is mostly silly, but I lived in the heart of a soft county.

Advice on dealing with
consumer services - my battle with MCI

Seen a Bigfoot lately? file report - Bigfoot links

How about a UFO? file report, - needed - a single site to report both at once.

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